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Ready to get motivated for your weight loss journey? Here are some fitness motivational quotes that will help you fight the struggle of

Ready to get motivated for your weight loss journey? Here are some fitness motivational quotes that will help you fight the struggle of losing weight and burning fat.

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How to motivate yourself to lose weight

How to motivate yourself to lose weight.

It can take many years until a person decidesto stop being obese.

After multiple battles with meals, diets,and habits acquired, there comes a time when the person abandon.

Resignation can be the starting point to analyzethe relationship with food and why, despite diets, the person does not become thin.

The key is to be prepared psychologicallyto lose those extra kilos.

The change is also mental.


Know yourself.

Many people who want to lose weight deceivethemselves telling themselves that they are happy.

It may be so, but not in most cases.

You have to discover why the desired goalis not achieved.


Make lists.

It is very important to have a clear ideaof what you want to achieve.

It is advisable to make a list of everythingthat you can not do because of obesity.

For example going to the pool, dancing, wearingthe clothes we like, change jobs, etc.


Keep a food diary.

Write in a notebook everything that is eaten,for what reason, if there is hunger or not, and the hours when it is done.

After fifteen days you can give us very importantclues, sometimes surprising.


Small achievements.

If you are able to stop eating bread, or snackingbetween meals.

It is about preparing the way before startingthe weight loss diet, and rewarding yourself for those little triumphs, buying a whim,going to the movies, etc.

Excluding food, of course!  6.

Write your fears.

There are certain types of personalities thatuse food to console themselves, to rebel, to demonstrate something.

analyzing ourown fears we can find the reasons for our obesity and overcome it.

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Com/como-motivarse-para-perder-peso/) Please let us know your opinions in the commentssection below.

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Hi guys, so it's weigh-in day Again, I've actually changed it back into pounds so that you can see my progress easier that way It's not gonna be under the 11 pounds so Yeah, I've changed it back into pounds last week Kilos converted into pounds.

I was 228 pounds So now we'll see what I am no Okay 225 pounds point six Awesome I'm really really really really really happy with that Cuz obviously on the 3rd.

It wasn't that good so um yes, it has to be about that so that's I was 228 and now I'm 225 so I'm not forgetting it I lost two and a half inches off my body as well, so That's really great for a week too because we twos notorious for being a big crap so Yeah, yeah, I'm so happy with that number yay 225 So, thank you for watching my way in this morning.

I hope you watch at my future and Please subscribe to my channel if you want to continue watching my weight loss videos and like this video if you liked it Thanks guys.


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