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Kate Hudson & Selma Blair’s Trainer Reveals The Best Ways To Burn Fat…

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Want a body like Kate Hudson or Selma Blair?? If so, you've come to the right place!

The actresses' trainer Jason Wimberly spoke to US Weekly about their intense yet effective workout routines!

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For Hudson, who is currently pregnant with her third child, Wimberly focuses on “creative ways to use the body,” revealing:

“My background is in dance, so I always put dancer movements in what I do. Even if we're using weights, we sort of move to the rhythm and we work in different ways, we add a plie or whatever it was. Kate loves to dance, so we sort of dance mixed it in with weights.”

The exercise expert instructs his clients to do “big, full body movement” which “recruit so much of your body.”

“I really believe in big, full body movement. I always say, ‘If you want to change your body as quickly as possible, you have to use as much of it as possible'… So with my clients, we do these movements that are so big that they really recruit so much of your body, burn the fat while working on muscle tone. And the more muscle tone you have, you're going to get firmer and smaller.”‘

The Fabletics ambassador is also a big fan of weight training, which many find to be intimidating.

“I am a big advocate for weight training. I work with a lot of actresses and models, and they're always sort of scared of weights… Women inherently are always scared of being too bulky or lifting weights, and it's so funny because to actually burn fat and promote weight loss and get lean muscle tone, you do have to lift.”

Fortunately for the 39-year-old fitness guru, the Almost Famous actress is already in amazing shape!

“She's already so fit and she has been her whole life. Kate doesn't really need a trainer full time, which is the great thing about her because she's so fit on her own.”

Same goes for Miz Blair!

“Selma's superfit and doesn't need to do a lot, but I still do the same sort of full-body moves that can really maximize her time… When she's getting ready to shoot a movie and she knows she's going to be on set all day long or whatever it is she's doing, it's like they have to almost increase the train to be ready for it. So it's almost like an athlete getting ready to compete.”

For their workouts, the two “use weight training while using these big power circuits, so it's never just like one move,” adding:

“It's always three to four moves in a series that really push you beyond your limits, push you beyond your wall… We incorporate dancey stuff into it in a way to just not make it too serious. These girls have so much pressure just to look a certain way and look good on the red carpet and award season.”

All right folks! It's time to head to the gym!

[Image via Brian To/FayesVision/WENN.]

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